Automating your mobile application testing is the best way to achieve the quick, precise results you need to accommodate fast development cycles. For the most realistic results, you must also test on actual devices—without optical recognition, emulation, jailbreaking or tethering. TouchTest® is the only solution that does this. It precisely captures and plays back all multi-touch gestures and their speed, on real devices. No other solution meets your mobile app testing needs so well—and so affordably.

A Introductory course, comprised mainly of links to external material, that any student taking and TouchTest course or examination should review and work through (and bookmark for future reference).

This course is a set of 3 recordings of Colin Sublette going through the 'TouchTest in 4 Hours' training slides and demos, to bring anyone up to speed with configuring and using TouchTest to create functional tests against mobile apps in a condensed amount of time.

This course is a set of recordings by Colin Sublette, where he goes through the 'Introduction to TouchTest' training slides and demos that are normally delivered onsite over 4 days, or remotely, over 12 hours.