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Overview of SOASTA Courses Offered Online here in Soasta University

Chris Hartland
Overview of SOASTA Courses Offered Online here in Soasta University
by Chris Hartland - Saturday, 13 June 2015, 12:07 AM

All Products - Examinations

  • Foundation Level - Taken after 'Introduction' Class; 50 questions, 2 hours
  • Specialist Level - Taken after Advanced class, or 6 months of using product; 120 questions, 3 hours
  • Expert Level - (CloudTest ONLY) Taken after the CloudTest Bootcamp, or ~12 months usage. 4 hours hand-on labs, proctored.

All Products - Pre-Requisite Guides

  • CloudTest and mPulse only - Links to required reading before taking classes; lesson format, pointing the student to external websites for self-paced training and collects relevant CloudLink articles

All Products - Foundation Training Courses

  • CloudTest Only - Walks a student through the basic 'Introduction to CloudTest' training in lesson format. Includes videos and embedded CloudLink articles to demonstrate and help explain the concepts and functionality.
    • This course presents an overview of CloudTest that takes a Student from no knowledge of the tool to being able to create robust and reliable clips and run them in load tests. The lessons include instructions on how to record use cases, and correlate them (to capture and reuse dynamic web server session data). It also reviews how to customize clips and work with messages - including an introduction on JavaScript for custom extractions and validations.
    • Parameterization and data-driving tests using seed data, or externally stored CSV files is reviewed, along with Best Practices for running clips in compositions and using 'grids' or servers in the cloud to execute a load test run.
    • Finally, we review Dashboards and Widgets (used to view online analytics during a load test), and external server monitoring.